Rafik Y. Kamell

For over 24 years Attorey Rafik Kamell has represented clients in a range of areas including Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Wrongful Death, Car Accidents and Motorcycle Accidents. As one of the top Personal Injury attorneys in Orange, his firm has worked on over 3,000 Personal Injury cases. Throughout his tenure in Orange County, it has been his goal to ensure his clients receive the best representation possible.

After receiving his Bachelors Degree at the University of Colorado and his Juris Doctor at Pepperdine University, Rafik was mentored and later partnered with some of the top attorneys in the nation, attorneys that worked on extremely high profile cases such as Erin Brokovich and Vioxx. Attorney Kamell continues to use that experience in his own practice to obtain the best possible outcome for his clients and believes that a good lawyer is not afraid to go to trial and does not push their clients to settle for less than what they deserve.

Passionate Advocacy From a Lawyer Who Cares

Criminal defense and personal injury are both high-stakes practice areas in which strong legal representation is absolutely imperative. With so much at stake, you owe it to yourself to work with a knowledgeable lawyer. If you join forces with Rafik Y. Kamell, you can rest easy, knowing that your attorney is capable of delivering a satisfactory case resolution. Rafik Kamell has over 24 years experience, and is an attorney in good standing with the state bar.

Education and Work History

Rafik Y. Kamell has long been passionate about the law. Prior to launching his professional journey as an attorney, he attended the University of Colorado as an undergraduate, earning degrees in theater and political science. He later obtained a degree in theology, and finished out his Juris Doctor at the Pepperdine University School of Law.

Today, Rafik Kamell is proud to offer a wide range of legal services through The Kamell Lawyers Group. His law firm is based in La Habra, California, but has an impressive reputation throughout Orange County and serves clients Nationwide. The Kamell Lawyers Group is best known as a personal injury law firm, but Rafik Kamell also handles a variety of criminal defense services. Whether you have been accused of committing a crime or are looking to secure remuneration for negligence-based suffering, you can depend on Rafik Kamell and The Kamell Lawyers Group for passionate and committed legal support.


Both personal injury and criminal law require a mix of compassion and strong advocacy - qualities that Rafik Kamell is proud to offer. When meeting with his clients, he demonstrates the utmost respect. He takes his clients' concerns into account and patiently guides them through every step of the legal process. The Kamell Lawyers Group is willing to go to trial for each and every one of their clients, unlike other firms that push their clients to settle out of court.

In the courtroom, Rafik Kamell demonstrates an aggressive approach, fighting passionately on behalf of his clients. His legal skill and zealous demeanor allow him to continually achieve desired resolutions.

Rafik Y. Kamell: Strong Legal Advocacy

Whether your current legal concerns are civil or criminal in nature, it is in your best interest to get in touch with a respected attorney. Rafik Y. Kamell is an excellent legal advocate to have at your side, especially as you bring your case to trial. Get in touch with him today to learn more about his professional background and his legal approach.

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