The Kamell Lawyers Group: A Proven Record in Personal Injury and Criminal Defense

The Kamell Lawyers Group is an esteemed La Habra law firm with an impressive history of success. The firm has worked on over 3000 personal injury cases, garnering their clients millions of dollars in settlements. For over 24 years, the Kamell Lawyers Group has been representing clients throughout Southern California and Worldwide.

Attorney Rafik Y. Kamell is an experienced trial attorney, known for his extensive legal knowledge, his empathetic counsel, and his proactive approach to difficult legal situations. The Kamell Lawyers Group is an excellent resource to have in your corner as you strive to secure personal injury damages or avoid a harsh criminal sentence.

Practice Areas

The Kamell Lawyers Group is a versatile law firm that handles a variety of cases, with emphasis in personal injury and criminal law. As a personal injury attorney, Rafik Kamell helps the victims of negligence secure the remuneration they deserve. These cases typically involve Car accidents, Motorcycle accidents, Dog bites, Slip & falls, Products liability, and Wrongful death. Regardless of the cause of his clients' suffering, Rafik Kamell is committed to achieving justice. The Kamell Lawyers Group will take each case to trial, never encouraging their clients to settle for less than they deserve by settling out of court.

The zealous approach Rafik Kamell carries to civil court proves equally effective in criminal cases. His clients have been accused of committing a broad range of crimes, including seemingly inconsequential misdemeanors and serious felonies. He recognizes that any mark on a criminal record can prove devastating, so he's eager to help his clients achieve dropped charges and not guilty verdicts. His efforts have also allowed many clients to secure more lenient sentencing. In fact, in his beginning year of practice, Rafik Kamell's first jury trial was a prolonged highly-publicized triple first-degree murder case in which he prevailed for his client by obtaining a not-guilty jury verdict!

The Kamell Lawyers Group: An Outstanding Track Record

The Kamell Lawyers Group has a long history of success in both civil and criminal law. Clients throughout the country speak highly of the firm's exceptional service. Rafik Kamell was mentored and later partnered with the top trial attorneys in the nation like the Law Offices of Richard G. Reinjohn, and Girardi, Keese and Crane which have handled the highest profile cases in U.S. history like Erin Brockovich and the Vioxx lawsuit which garnered a settlement of over 4.8 Billion Dollars.

From the initial consultation and on, it is always evident to clients that Rafik Y. Kamell has their best interests at heart. Rafik Kamell is known in the community as a tough fighter whose tenaciousness knows no limits in obtaining the highest possible settlements for his personal injury clients. In criminal cases, there's no need to fear judgment - he respects his clients and understands that the best people can make mistakes or find themselves in difficult situations. To learn more about Rafik Kamell's approach to law, get in touch with The Kamell Lawyers Group today.

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